Motocon Industries


Electrical Actuators

Motocon Electrical Actuator type LMB Series is Design for Basic Quarter Turn Application which can be converted into Linear one with the help of linkage application are LMB Series is mainly used to operates Lifting Material, Flap, Gates & Dampers etc.

Also as the actuators are installed directly on final control element and are provided with stall-duty motors, the units become completely maintenance free, that is Fit and Forget type. The units are supplied with all necessary features to operate the final control element in ON/OFF or modulating modes.

We are simple in design with compact in size and lighter in weight due to high grade Aluminium alloy Body & achieve low cost automation.

Quality Control

The MOTOCON technical team ensures every actuator is passed through diverse stringent quality tests. This helps the team maintain high standards consistently. Every phase of the actuator design, development and manufacturing involves professional scrutiny with utmost care. And hence, our customers avail motors with reliable, high performance, accuracy and smooth movement.


Electrical actuator basically consists of following basic units:

  • Reversible synchronous stall duty motor with a permanently connected starting capacitor
  • Power gearing
  • Control circuit


  • Water and waste water treatment
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Pulp and paper industries
  • Industrial broilers
  • Mining and minerals
  • Cement and power industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Packaging machine
  • Marine
  • Irrigation
  • Power
  • Textile
  • Beverages
  • HVAC
  • Sugar / Ethanol
  • Transportation
  • Steel Production

Actuator Configuration

  • Limit switches for easy tight setting
  • Standard limit switches i.e. 2 Nos. travel limit switches for operations & 2 Nos. auxiliary with potential free contacts.
  • Space heater
  • Easy setting with cam for tight shut-off.
  • Each Cam can be set independently
  • Input signal range 0-10 V DC, 1.5 V DC, 4-20 mA & 0-20 mA
  • Out-put signal range 4-20 mA & 0-10 V DC
  • Position Conversion accuracy – +/-0.5 to 1.5 % [ Depends on installation]
  • Manual hand wheel: Actuator provides reliable emergency manual operation always maintaining motor priority

Working Condition

Ambient temperature : -20 Degree to +70 Degree.

Humidity : 30% to 95%


  • Mounting flanges are in accordance with ISO 5211
  • IP67 Protection
  • Adjustable torque switches.
  • Stay put action on de-energization of motor
  • Adjustable torque switches - 2 Nos. (for MOTO-AQT30 onwards)
  • Extra limit switches, potentiometer of 135 ohms, 500 ohms & 1000 ohms available on request.
  • It is suitable for
    • Ball valves
    • Butterfly valves
    • Plug valves
    • Dampers [any shape & size]
    • Any 90 Degree turn application
  • Good torque weight ratio
  • Actuator are designed to withstand the toughest corrosive environment
  • Actuator can operate in any position
  • Local Position Indication
  • Efficient yet simple gearing.
  • Single phase, Three phase optionals.
  • Fully interchangeable parts
  • Manual operator fitted on the actuator
  • Finish: Dry powder coated
  • Body Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Remote position indicator-Digital
  • Special accessories on request

Manufacturing Standards

  • Actuator Manufacturing Standards
    IEC / EN 15714-2 ( Electrical Actuator for Industrial Valves)
  • Actuator Enclosure Standard - IP 67
    IS / IEC 60529 / 2009 (Degree of Protection provided by Enclosure)
  • Actuator Motor Standard
    IEC - 60034-1 (Routing Electrical Machines)
    IS - 996 (Single Phase Induction Motor)
  • Actuator Mounting Standard
    ISO 5211

Applicable Directives

  • EC Machinery Directive - 2006 / 42 / EC
  • Low Voltage Directive - 2006 / 95 EC